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Top 5 Best Practices for Pediatrician Websites

August 26, 2015

All moms have been there; A fussy child suddenly spikes a temperature that won’t go down, and needs to be taken to the doctor. Parents start to scramble to leave the house and can’t seem to find the telephone number or directions to your office. They hop online to...

Is Your Website Attracting Qualified Prospects?

June 8, 2015

The nuts and bolts of marketing involve generating leads for your business. Converting those leads into clients and customers. Reselling to those clients and turning them into advocates for your business. There are many ways to generate leads. Handing out business cards, sending press releases and flyers, asking for...

Does Your Website Make the Sale?

May 5, 2015

I liken the internet to the “Wild Wild West” (is that what the www stands for?). It’s a frontier filled with opportunity and possibilities. Literally, you can do anything … ideas can come to life and can level the business playing field between large and small companies. Invariably, we...

Is Having a Mobile-Friendly Site Good for Business?

April 23, 2015

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Google expanded their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This affects mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on Google’s search results. Google has adapted their algorithms to the usage patterns of mobile users. It is now easier...

Why doesn’t my restaurant site show up in mobile search?

April 15, 2015

Have you recently noticed that your restaurant’s website doesn’t show up in mobile search results, but does show up in desktop search? Odd, right? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your phone and you’re not going crazy. Google has recently changed their algorithm to provide better search results for...