Need to walk before you run?

New Year energy can be so motivating for people to make big changes in their lives. It's encouraging to jump into new ideas and ways of being when so many others are jumping alongside you. Not everyone is ready to take the big leap right way, though, and that's ok.

If that’s you, we see you gently dipping a toe into the new year - fully committed to your personal growth but proceeding at a more mindful, contemplative pace. Leaping into New! Better! More! isn’t the only right way to make the progress you want and we’ve dusted off some tools to share with you as you gently journey through the new year.

When you approach your goals step by step, you're sure to reach them. Use the resources below to chart your best path forward.


Smart Goal Worksheet

Take some time to think about your goals for 2023. We’ve made a worksheet to help you break them down into SMART steps that will help you actually achieve them.

Mellow Winter Playlist

Isn’t it funny that there’s a whole lot of winter left after the holiday season is over? Settle into a cozy winter rhythm with this playlist.


Self Care Tips

Growth takes energy, so be sure to protect yours by showing yourself a little care. These self care tips can put you on a path to feeling great!


Healthy Snacks

Happy tummies equal happy brains. Set your body and mind up for success with these healthy snacks.



Endorphins do a brain good! If you’re not ready to get into a gym or it just doesn’t fit into your work schedule, start small with an easy workout at your desk.

You did it! 🎉 Want to explore another path?


Leaping into 2023

Take your ambitions sky-high as you leap into 2023! Venture into the stratosphere for motivating tips that serve as brain food and jet-pack fuel.


Feeling Blue?

Feeling blue is as natural as the sky and sea. Whether you'd like to explore the blue or change colors, this pigmented path will show you the way.


Strolling into 2023

The scenic route is perfect for explorers and scooter-fanatics. Pack a snack and embrace these self-care necessities as you stroll into 2023.

Who else could use a boost today?