Job Opening

Business Development Associate

Yoko Co is looking for a Business Development Associate - A perfect role for someone who enjoys connecting people, contributing to building a better world, and generating income without being tied to a traditional full-time position. Our Associates are generally contractors and have full control over how they participate as a member of the team. You can be a Yoko Co associate even if you have a full-time commitment in another capacity as long as it isn't competitive in nature.

The core responsibility of this role is to introducing Yoko Co to new organizations who need help managing or improving their web presence. Once a new engagement begins, you're compensated based on the revenue you refer in.

However, this isn't like the myriad of referral and affiliate offers out there. We don't work with just anyone, and you can't just click a few links to get started. There is an interview process to help ensure it's a good fit and we're well aligned. Once the interview process is completed, assuming we proceed, you'll get access to the info and material you'll need to succeed, our associates' forum, regular associates updates, calls, and communications.

While this isn't for everyone, it's a stellar opportunity for some.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to read on...

As an ideal associate, you should:

  • Be comfortable working on your own to source or find new opportunities to meet and introduce incredible organizations in need of support regarding their web presence.
  • Have an awareness of technology as it pertains to website design and development and related fields like marketing automation, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and media.
  • Be self-motivated and take initiative. If you're the kind of person who waits for someone to tell you what to do, this isn't your kind of place.
  • Be a problem solver. While we don't expect you to have to solve any of the technical challenges prospective clients might have, we find everyone on our team has a problem-solving mentality.
  • Have successfully circumnavigated the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Have a "can-do attitude" and be willing to jump in and try something new to expand your skills and contribute to our greater good.
  • Be an avid learner. Half the fun of this job is learning what goes on behind the scenes in new client industries and keeping up with a constantly shifting market and our own quick paced rapidly evolving industry. You should be excited to share knowledge by educating and receiving education from others both team members and clients.
  • Simply put, care about your work. As an agency we know the impact we have on the world is through the way we amplify our clients' impact. For that reason we work only with people with whom we're well aligned. That goes for clients and team members.

Still reading?

Great! You've passed the first test! To take the next step email us at Use the subject line "Born Free" and in your email share a note about why you think this is the right fit for you!

.  .  .

PS - If you're not interested in income for yourself, you also have the option to have us donate the proceeds on your behalf to a charity of your choice or if you represent an organization that becomes an associate organization of Yoko Co, those proceeds can be given to your organization itself.