Case Study: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

Helping an understaffed nonprofit make the most of their web presence.

The Heroic Quest

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is a private nonprofit organization which provides shelter, control, and adoption for animals; primarily dogs and cats, but also a myriad of other animals from rabbits and guinea pigs to birds and mice.  They also provide a number of other services to the community including spaying and neutering, education, support, emergency veterinary services, foster care and more.  All of these services are funded through donations.

The Metrics

AWLA’s staff can only speak to so many people in a day, but their website has no limit to the number of people it can inform. In this way the website is a major amplifier for any message they put out; from upcoming events, fundraising request, news, and most commonly requested – the animals available for adoption.  While a large part of the metrics are traffic in general, the conversion through each step to event attendance, location visits, and donations are critical to the organization’s continued success.

The Challenge

AWLA has a problem most nonprofits can relate to; so much to do and not enough people to do all of it.  AWLA’s previous website was difficult and time consuming to update. It sapped time from the busy staff, and therefore became increasingly outdated.  Eventually impacting the site’s engagement with visitors, and therefore reducing donations, among other key metrics.


The Services

Yoko Co aided AWLA update their branding, collateral as well as the foundation of their web presence, their website itself.  We also helped them update their email marketing platform, lists, and ensure their style across the platform was consistent with the website.

The Impact

The new website is far easier to update, and easy to train new staff to use. This allows them to quickly and easily update the website, keeping content fresh and current. The site’s aesthetic overhaul makes it clean and intuitive for visitors to use.  Additionally the site performs better in search engine ranking.  These factors accumulate to provide AWLA with better online engagement, in person traffic, as well as fundraising.



"Yoko Co gave our website a new, fresh look and has consistently met our needs for maintenance and improvement. They are always available for help and finding solutions to new challenges."

Susan Sherman, COO - AWLA

AWLA embodies the virtue of Compassion.
Which virtue does your organization embody?