Case Study: Blood Donor Mobile

Using the web to better connect blood donors and blood banks.

The Heroic Quest

Blood Donor Mobile is a mobile app for blood banks to promote their blood drives to new and existing blood donors. Using the blood collected from these donors, hospitals are able to provide the necessary blood products for patients in a myriad of circumstances; from surgery patients to those who need transfusions to aid in their battle with cancer.

The Metrics

Blood Donor Mobile has two audiences; it’s clients, blood banks, and it’s users, blood donors.  Blood Donor Mobile must track conversations with blood banks around their use of the app, while also measuring and enhancing blood donors engagement and use of the app itself.  Blood Donor Mobile tracks engagement from the first try though total units collected enabling them to know exactly how many units of blood they’ve helped collected, and subsequently how many lives they’ve been able to improve or outright save.

The Challenge

As with many mobile apps, Blood Donor Mobile needs to maintain a high level of engagement with two related, but very different audiences.  The blood banks must sign up for and use the administrative back end of the app, while blood donors must download the app and use the mobile app itself.  Not to mention actually attend blood drives and donate blood.


The Services

Yoko Co is fortunate to continue to support Blood Donor Mobile in the design, development and upkeep of its suite of mobile apps as well as its website, content, and marketing efforts to both audiences.  This ensures a consistent look and message across the board without straying from the organizations overarching mission of connecting donors with those who desperately need blood products.

The Impact

We helped Blood Donor Mobile make a major splash within their industry, as well as maintain the momentum they garnered from coverage on sites like Mashable, CNBC and others.  Ultimately helping them not only connect blood banks and blood donors, but increasing donation frequency significantly – meaning many donors who donated once a year, now donate two or three times per year!

"Yoko Co has been prompt in delivering their services, well-educated on our organizations background, and in this economy very competitively priced. I would highly recommend Yoko Consulting for any project. We have been very pleased with their services and I think you will too."

Adam Bartholomew,
Senior Development Officer - Inova Blood Donor Services

Blood Donor Mobile embodies the virtue of Wellness.
Which virtue does your organization embody?