Case Study: Cadre

Cultivating a remarkable community with an effective web presence.

The Heroic Quest

Cadre is an exclusive, invitation-only community which is primarily focused on facilitating major breakthroughs in the lives and businesses of their members by providing access to exceptional people and ideas.  These breakthroughs manifest themselves in a number of ways, and all of them leave behind a ripple effect that not only benefits the member, but their company, their community and society as a whole.

The Metrics

Most of the cadre community is grown through interpersonal connections and introductions; be it through a handshake and a conversation at an event, an email and a phone call, or a mention and a message on social media.  Each of these engagements are different, and include different metrics to measure.  These metrics commonly include engagement with the site and its content from beginning to end - responses to an application.

The Challenge

While cadre is a unique organization one of the key challenges they face is one most anyone can relate to – protecting their time. Demand to join cadre is high, and therefore they receive a lot of request for “a quick call”, a “chance to pick your brain” and “I’d like to learn more about joining” among others.  As much as the founders would like to respond to each request personally, there aren’t enough hours in the day.


The Services

Yoko Co is able to help the cadre community on a number of fronts – from the design and development of their public website, event listings, social media profiles as well as the creation of a private members only site.  As it pertains to growing the community itself, we’re able to protect the cadre team’s time by ensuring they respond to only the most qualified applicants. Qualification measurements start the second someone views the first page of the website, and is tracked through their application.

The Impact

The cadre website itself is a bastion, safeguarding and showcasing the effectiveness of simplicity.  A clear cut design, simple and effective copy and compelling multimedia content spread out through just a few pages yields impressive results.  While simultaneously showcasing cadre’s core values, the content also walks the user through a mental checklist of self-qualification before offering them an opportunity to apply.  The impact being a well-kept consistent appearance in person and online, as well as a wealth of time saved.



"Working with Yoko Co has been a fantastic experience! They took my vision for something unique and turned it into a reality. As a non-tech guy, I truly appreciate their ability to explain things in a way that's easy to understand. They're a remarkable company and I highly recommend them!"

Derek Coburn, President of cadre

Cadre embodies the virtue of Transformation.
Which virtue does your organization embody?