Case Study: Guttenberg Industries, Inc.

Increasing Quantity of Jobs and Quality of Life: Big Sales in a Small Town

The Heroic Quest

Guttenberg Industries, Inc. (GII) is a full-service, custom manufacturer in the plastics industry, located in rural northeastern Iowa. Founded in 1974, this second-generation family-owned business prides itself on serving its customers and its community.

Being the second-largest private employer in Clayton County, GII provides a strong and positive economical impact, offering financial security via long-term employment to many residents within the county. 

The Metrics

Guttenberg Industries showcases information on its products and services via its website. As a B2B company, online presence is essential. Several of of the key performance indicators are overall web discoverable visibility and search for specific search terms, engaged web traffic, traffic that converts to contacts, contacts that converts to leads, and ultimately leads that become clients that work with GII to fulfill their plastic injection molding needs.

The Challenge

Guttenberg Industries’ website needed a complete overhaul. The content needed to be updated, and the architecture was not compatible with emerging technology and platforms. The website needed to incorporate functionality for site users and allow GII staff access to maintain the site independently.

GII recognized that, as a company, it needed to easily be found by prospects and clients. With a 5-12 month sales cycle, prospects and clients know their product and/or service needs. GII’s outdated website did not have the tools and content to achieve the goal of easy discovery, and by the time GII located its prospects and clients via other channels, their needs were already filled. Thus, GII was losing business to competitors. 

The Services

We were fortunate to help Guttenberg Industries rebuild and restructure its site. The website revamp included updated content production and also implemented marketing strategies to reach prospects and clients quicker and faster than the competition.

The Impact

We began working with Guttenberg Industries in 2016, and we were ecstatic to hear what the numbers had to say:

GII’s sales in 2015 were over $15 million. In 2018, they topped $24 million. Two of GII’s largest and newest customers found GII through the company website. Those two clients alone combined for more than $3 million in sales. 

Employment catapulted from 95 employees to more than 135. This had a huge local impact.  Entry level wages jumped to over 15% and other wages increased as well.

The website revival not only increased sales and number of jobs, it also aided in maintaining quality of life in this rural community. Through its growth and success, Guttenberg Industries was able to provide a significant contribution towards a complete rebuild of the community’s public pool.

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Praise from GII

"Working with Yoko Co had a dramatic impact on our business. Not only in terms of significant increase in passive lead flow and ultimately revenue, but also helped us consider and improve other facets of our business including overall impact and client experience."

Greg Yoko, Director of Business Development at GII

GII embodies the virtues of opportunity.
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