Case Study: Helios HR

Diversifying new business sources for an awesome professional service firm.

The Heroic Quest

Helios HR is an outsourced human resources and recruiting and retention firm focused on helping organizations build a culture of intention that allows them to attract, grow and retain exceptional teams. They do this by creating a sustainable culture that promotes cohesion, high energy and ultimate more happiness and satisfaction for employees.

The Metrics

Through their focus on their client’s culture Helios positively impacts not only their client as a whole, but the employees as individuals.  To this end Helios measures not only the practical marketing and sales metrics, but also tracks a metric beyond the dollars and cents.  The happiness they help spread to each employee through the culture transformations they orchestrate.

The Challenge

Helios HR, as a growing organization, needed to both fuel their growth as well as ensure that growth is more sustainable by ensuring they weren’t overly dependent on a single source for their new business.  They already obtained the majority of their business through their own sales efforts and word of mouth referrals.  They wanted to be able to better use the web as a source for new business to complement the existing sources of new opportunities.


The Services

Yoko Co aided Helios in the construction and advancement of their web presence through the rebuild of their website, as well as training their staff to update and maintain the site.  We also help them use Hubspot to support their content marketing efforts and help track more advanced analytics and track opportunities from the first touch through the beginning of a new client relationship.

The Impact

From a qualitative standpoint, their website covers all the bases.  It is easier to use, for both visitors and administrators, it is fully responsive, optimized for search and consistent with their brand.

More importantly, from a quantitative standpoint, their site has served as the catalyst for transforming their mix of new business.  While they used to get less than 5% of their new business through the site, they now get over 30% of their new business through their website and that number continues to grow.



"When Helios HR was looking for an organization to rebuild our website, Yoko Co. outshined the market. Starting with a focus on our vision, challenges and goals, they provided unparalleled thought leadership and strategic consulting. They’ve taught us new methodologies, provided thorough training and communicated consistently throughout the project. They designed a beautiful new site that we're proud to call our own and became an incredible partner that we value and trust. "

Natalie Oddenino, Marketing Specialist - Helios HR

Helios HR embodies the virtue of Compassion.
Which virtue does your organization embody?