Case Study: Ian Altman

Launching new platforms to elevate an amazing speaker and author.

The Heroic Quest

Ian Altman is an amazing speaker, author, coach and podcast host.  Ian invests his time helping organizations transform their sales process from being focused on things like time and internal cost to being focused on value.  Through his efforts, he's able to help companies grow their revenue and the strengths of their relationships with their customers by putting both the buyer and seller on the same side.

The Metrics

Ian’s multifaceted business means he grows his own business through two primary categories.  His direct clients and his own personal following.  His direct clients also fall into two classifications:  The first being CEOs and Sales leaders who aim to transform their sales teams to become outrageously successful at targeting and winning new business.   The second being event managers who need to book amazing speakers to both entertain and educate their audiences. 

The Challenge

Ian's website was outdated and unable to showcase his skills and services in an accurate manner.  The images were small and unimpressive, video regulated to small thumbnails, and it didn’t work on mobile devices.  In summation it was a gross misrepresentation of what Ian was like in person.  Beyond that, it was unable to support the new platforms and products he was currently innovating.


The Services

Yoko Co and Ian Altman are tightly integrated as we helped overhaul the foundation his website to accurately reflect the organization and support it in launching its new endeavors.  These endeavors included the launch of their Business Cast podcast, the launch of a new ecommerce store, enabling the sale of books and new products.  And it also included the creation of a protected community of subscribers who are able to access training materials, courses, resources as well as one on one coaching.

The Impact

The new site was very well received, prompting positive feedback from his rapidly expanding fan base.  Since we’ve worked together, Ian's email list has grown over 300%, the Business Cast rocketed to the top of the marketing and business podcast charts, and the site itself has made it easier for more users to access and engage with their content.  We’ve helped Ian reach and teach millions to grow revenue in a way everyone can embrace.



"The Yoko Co team has helped us make the transition from maintaining a web presence to one that performs. Since engaging them we've not only seen an increase in engagement with our audience, but a tangible impact on our business itself. If you want to work with a team that delivers results, reach out to Yoko Co. "

Ian Altman

Ian Altman embodies the virtue of Transformation.
Which virtue does your organization embody?