Case Study: Inova VIP 360º

Providing a Personalized Healthcare Experience Through Focused, Intentional Care

The Heroic Quest

Concierge medicine is gaining popularity in the healthcare world due to its focus on 24-hour availability and personalized treatment. Patients receive the benefit of one-on-one care from top-of-the-line physicians. This style of medicine is tailored to those who have increasing healthcare needs coupled with busy schedules, or simply someone who wants to get a more personalized healthcare experience.

The Inova VIP 360º Concierge Medicine Program gives patients the in-depth care they need on their own schedule. Physicians focus on developing a deeper relationship with their patients. They take the time to get to know the individual so that they can administer treatment in the best possible way. Plus, physicians are available by phone at all hours of the day to answer any questions or concerns.

In addition to this, Inova VIP 360º offers their Executive Exam. Tailored to the business professional who doesn’t have time in their day to make an appointment or sit in a waiting room, this exclusive Executive Exam takes the hassle out of doctor’s visits. In a comprehensive half-day experience, patients get a personalized health screening and assessment that addresses their specific health needs. In addition to this, patients get information on next steps. Plus, it's all done by a premier private physician. This convenient program guarantees high-quality care without having to compromise your time.

The physicians’ excellence in their field, combined with their passion for the patients and their ongoing wellness, make Inova VIP 360º one of the top names in concierge medicine and Executive Exams.

The Challenge

Inova VIP 360º was trying to reach a broader audience, but their website was holding them back. The initial layout was cluttered. There was an overwhelming amount of disorganized content, not to mention the previous framework left them constricted in their creativity. Patients were having trouble finding the information they needed. Additionally, they didn’t understand the potential of the concierge medicine approach nor the value of the Executive Exam.

Another problem was the lack of distinction between the concierge medicine program and the Executive Exam program. Patients were confused as to which program was right for them.

All of these issues resulted in a lack of user engagement – and worse, a lack of patients signing up for either program.

The Services

Yoko Co began by targeting a new web interface for Inova VIP 360º. This gave them a modern look and enhanced web experience that focused on usability and conversion. We made it easy to move through the website by creating separate pages for key areas including Inova Concierge Medicine, The Inova Executive Exam, VIP 360º Physicians, Locations, and Contact. This way prospective patients can easily pinpoint where to go for the information they need.

We then leveraged the Inova VIP 360º’s video library – including patient testimonials and physician biographies –  and integrated it into the rest of the content. This helps to tell Inova’s unique story in a dynamic way that drives user engagement. Calls-to-Action (CTAs) were strategically placed throughout the site to guide the user through the conversation. Ultimately, these CTAs drive conversion to either schedule a free consultation or request a quote. Lastly, the site was optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). This makes it easier for potential patients to find out about the benefits of Inova VIP 360º's healthcare programs.

The Impact

Inova VIP 360º’s new website perfectly facilitates user engagement and drives user conversion. Prospective patients can now easily find and browse the site. Information is laid in a comprehensive manor, such as through a video or on a map. The new use of physician biographies and testimonials gives patients an inside look into the world of concierge medicine and the exclusive Executive Exam. The bios also help patients find the right physician for them. This engagement has resulted in increased patient leads and conversions throughout the site.

Inova VIP 360º’s dedication to their patients shines through in the exceptional content now featured on the site. This works to bring in new membership for Inova VIP 360º – and get patients the personalized healthcare they are seeking.

Yoko Co and Inova VIP 360

"Yoko actively listens and truly understands our business. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Yoko on B2B and consumer projects. Project management and creative are among their many strengths. Our websites launched on-time, on budget and with an increased ROI. In fact, within two week’s the new revenue generated covered the entire cost."

Jeffrey Carr, Corporate & Consumer Growth Officer
Inova Health System

Inova VIP 360º embodies the virtue of Opportunity.
Which virtue does your organization embody?