Case Study: Mass Benefits Consultants

Reducing wasted time and overhead by automating manual tasks.

The Heroic Quest

Unexpected events and crises bring with them stress, pressure and panic.  Mass Benefits understands these issues and offers the insurance products they do to help their clientele alleviate as much of that stress and panic as possible. From professional liability insurance to supplemental retirement and health plans, Mass Benefits provides their clientele an emotional and financial safe haven in these times of turmoil.

The Metrics

Mass Benefits had a solid influx of new business for a myriad of the insurance products they offer, but the qualification, registration and enrollment process was tedious for prospects and tedious and time consuming for their staff to manage.  Mass Benefits wanted to make the processes easier for their customers, and reduce their overhead at the same time.  Their primary metrics were the reduction in support calls and requests, number of signups completed online, and a reduction in the time spent processing each new enrollment or renewal.

The Challenge

As a long established company, Mass Benefits has a tried and true process that is fraught with older legacy systems and a high amount of time invested in manual management of paperwork and other tasks.  It was critical to them that clients be able to self-serve as they preferred, and allow the Mass Benefits employees to spend time with those who needed the most help.


The Services

Yoko Co was able to accomplish both of these goals through the redesign and development of their website and some other integrated back end systems.  Through the new website not only could Mass Benefits more easily update and manage the site, but users could easily sign up to renew, or enroll for new coverage through the site be it on a traditional or mobile device.  We continue to maintain their web presence and assist with the further reduction in wasted time and overhead for customers and employees alike.

The Impact

The launch, and subsequent management of the site has lead to an overall increase in new enrollments per period, a drastic decrease in the time it takes for each new enrollment, or renewals, to be completed by a client and a vast decrease in the amount of time to takes to process a new enrollment. Streamlining new enrollments on the web has shaved off over 33% of the time it takes to process the average enrollment.

"We were very impressed with all of Yoko Co’s suggestions and the final creation. They turned our wish list into a very professional website. We highly recommend their services."

Linda Walker, Senior Vice President - Mass Benefits

Mass Benefits embodies the virtue of Opportunity.
Which virtue does your organization embody?