Case Study: The Mike O'Meara Show

Spiking growth for one of the most popular independent podcasts.

The Heroic Quest

The Mike O’Meara Show is an independent comedy and entertainment podcast which consistently ranks among the top of the iTunes charts.  While the show used to be a nationally syndicated radio show, they went independent in 2009 – a major departure from the norm at the time – and proved they could not only make a living, but thrive as a small business totally unconnected from the media conglomerate with which they were once affiliated.

The Metrics

As an entertainment program, The Mike O’Meara Show has a dual set of audiences.  Their primary focus is, of course, on their engagement with their listening audience itself.  Their secondary, but equally important audience is that of their sponsors themselves.  The Mike O’Meara Show has to track their engagement with each of these audiences.  They measure their engagement with their listening audience in terms of downloads, plays, website visits and surveys, as well as ecommerce metrics.  As for their sponsors, they measure click through and redemption rates to know how they perform for, and how their audience reacts to, each sponsor.

The Challenge

All entertainment programs, as a business, struggle with balancing their efforts between their two audiences.  The Mike O’Meara Show is always open and transparent with each, and simply needed the right platforms and tools to help foster and measure this engagement with their audiences.


The Services

Yoko Co helped The Mike O’Meara Show by rebuilding their website to ensure it worked easily on mobile, and was easy to stream new episodes of the show, as well as engage with sponsors in an unobtrusive manner.  We continue to help them in managing the tools and protocols to schedule their sponsor engagements and their listening audience engagement.

The Impact

Over the years we’ve helped The Mike O’Meara Show increase its success with each of its audiences.  Their relationship with their sponsors has grown significantly, including an over 500% increase in sponsorship revenue.  More importantly, their relationship with their listening audience has continued to grow over 50% through our tenure with them.



“Yoko Co is a visionary company that always makes sure our organization stays one step ahead.”

Mike O’Meara, Oscar Santana, and Robb Spewak
Hosts - The Mike O'Meara Show

The Mike O'Meara Show embodies the virtue of Compassion.
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