Case Study: Thompson Greenspon

Helping an award-winning accounting firm showcase what makes them unique

The Heroic Quest

Thompson Greenspon (TGC) has been helping clients with their financial needs since 1965. As one of the largest CPA firms in the DC metro area, TGC focuses on delivering top quality, personalized financial solutions to its clients. This award-winning firm provides audit, accounting, financial reporting, tax, consulting, and advisory services to a broad range of organizations.

The Challenge

TGC came to us looking for a new website that showcases their strengths and leaves behind their old site that was burdened with the same look and functionality as countless other CPA sites. What TGC needed was a website that captured their essence, showcased their expertise and set them apart from the competition. Due to TGC’s varied clientele, they wanted to make sure anyone would be able to navigate their website on any digital platform. Regardless of technical expertise or understanding of what CPA firms do, the site needed to be set up in a clear and concise way that would transfer well from computer to phone. Another project goal was to increase web traffic and generate leads – whether that be a firm reaching out to ask a question or an individual signing up for their newsletter.

The Services

Yoko Co updated the look of TGC’s website to reflect them as an organization and highlight their brand. TGC takes a personal approach to accounting and we wanted to incorporate this into their site. TGC is proud of its employees and the work-life balance they’ve been able to achieve. Yoko Co showcased this by adding the "Meet Our Team" page, where every employee is introduced.

Additionally, TGC has been the proud recipient of many awards over the years, including The Washington Post’s list of “Top Workplaces” five years running, the Best of Accounting Client Satisfaction Award, and the Inside Public Accounting Top 300 Firms Award. We created a banner on the homepage to showcase these differentiators.

As for information architecture, every section of the site is clearly laid out across the top, making the site easy to navigate. Users can easily find the information they’re searching for by browsing the homepage, or by looking in the dropdown bars of the header.

One of the key sections of the website was the "Resource Center," which contains a blog as well as a resource library, online webinars, and frequently asked questions.

One addition to their resource library was to require clients to fill out a form before they could download the content. This allowed TGC to generate more leads while keeping track of how many resources were being downloaded. Many clients even followed up with TGC by asking a question or requesting a quote.

These helpful resources drive user engagement on TGC’s site and keep clients coming to the site when new content is posted.

The Impact

TGC’s new site perfectly showcases the expertise they have in their field, as well as the unique aspects that propel them above the competition. Clients can now easily discover everything available to them through TGC. Additionally, the helpful resources displayed on their site, coupled with the Calls-to-Action, have allowed TGC to build up a network of prospective clients.

TGC’s new website is now a reflection of everything they stand for. Its look and functionality will continue to drive their web presence for years to come.

Thompson Greenspon and Yoko Co. | Helping an award-winning accounting firm showcase what makes them unique

Susan Ashley from Thompson Greenspon

“Yoko went above and beyond designing our new website. They were able to help us define our online strategy and provide us with the tools and knowledge to achieve success.  Yoko worked with us every step of the way, were very responsive to our calls and emails, clearly communicated needs, and helped us express what makes us unique as a firm through strategic design.  They have been a valuable partner throughout this process.”

Susan Ashley, Marketing Manager

Thompson Greenspon embodies the virtue of Opportunity.
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