Case Study: Washington Financial Group

Making the most of new media in a compliance-heavy industry.

The Heroic Quest

Washington Financial Group is a financial planning and 401k plan administration firm with a driven mission on each side of the business.  Their financial planning side of the business aims to ensure families have the freedom to live their lives while knowing their investments are sound.  On the 401k administration side of the business they aim to ensure people are prepared for the longest period of unemployment in their lives – retirement.

The Metrics

Washington Financial Group’s aim is to ensure their clients are prepared for whatever may come.  To that end they measure their success not only by their performance from a financial standpoint, but by the individuals, employees, and families they keep prepared.  For this reason Washington Financial Group measures not only their marketing and sales data, but goes beyond to measure the size of the families they help support.

The Challenge

Washington Financial Group, as a financial planning firm, operates in an industry rife with compliance and restrictions.  Not only on what you can say, but how you can say it, where you can say it and even what platforms you can communicate on at all.  The industry being what is, WFG even opted to change brokers in small part because of the freedom it provides them for their marketing and communication.


The Services

Yoko Co was able to support Washington Financial Group first by rebuilding the foundation of their web presence, their website.  We transformed it from a static digital brochure to a dynamic and comprehensive site with regularly updated content, client login sections and custom dashboards for their different clientele.

The Impact

The newly designed positioned the organization consistently with their reality – as a leader in the space with talent that is regular ranked as the best in the nation.  Washington Financial Group now appeared online as the company it is becoming, as opposed to what it was.  The new site also helped reinforce WFG’s in person meetings, ensuring more opportunities remained open and on track.

"Yoko Co. did a wonderful job helping us transform our site from a digital brochure to an interactive, socially driven, modern site to allow us to connect with our clients and prospects. They were easy to work with and provided great service. We highly recommend them."

Jeff Pincus, Vice President of Marketing - Washington Financial Group

Washington Financial Group embodies the virtue of Opportunity.
Which virtue does your organization embody?