5 Tips for Better SEO in Content Marketing

Is Google finding you, your fabulous blog posts and your well-researched white papers? Or is your approach to SEO hiding your light under the proverbial bushel? As search algorithms evolve…

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What is Digital Marketing?

You’ve heard the buzz about digital marketing—but is it only a buzzword to you? What is digital marketing, anyway? Simply put, it is marketing that takes place through electronic devices,…

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Should My Blog Be Part of My Main Website?

How can you decide if your blog should live on your website or stand alone on its own site? As with any marketing tactic, it depends on your goals. For…

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What social media platforms should a real estate agent use?

When it comes to real estate, what social media platforms are most effective? Depending on how you’re using them and what sort of an audience you’re trying to reach, Facebook,…

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Word of Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

One of the most common comments we hear from new clients is, “We never really thought our website mattered, because, in the past, we got most of our work through word of mouth…

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What to do with negative feedback

So, you’re John Q. Business Owner. You have an awesome business and a really good website. You update your site regularly, you keep a blog and you try and implement…

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Yoko Co Still Remains Carbon Neutral

Yoko Co is proud to announce that we remain committed to continued carbon neutrality.…

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macbook pro, notepad, and smartphone google analytics 4 workspace

Establishing Website Goals

  There’s more to having a website than to say ‘I’m in business’ or…

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Illustation of a plugin as a cable into a website translating the function of the plugin

Outdated WordPress Plugins: Why Do They Always Need Updating?

If you have a WordPress website, you may have noticed something puzzling: Plugins often…

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