The journey is the destination? Not so much.

“The journey is the destination” has a nice ring to it, but when it comes to plotting your business’ next steps, you want a solid goal. We’ll help you look at where you are now, where you want to be, and the best way to get there. In partnering with you, we’ll use research and analysis to plot your current location, and consult with you to pinpoint your destination. Then we’ll map out possible routes, and collaboratively pick the best option. And that’s when our journey will begin.

Following is a list of the services Yoko Co. provides, typically as part of a strategic, integrated project designed to attain our clients’ objectives.



Web Presence Audit
Brand Brainstorming
Conceptualization and Solutions
Competitive Analysis

Website Design & Development

Website Design
Development and Programming
Web Applications
Microsites and Landing Pages
Responsive and Mobile Websites

Social Media Strategy

Strategic Development
Tracking and Analysis
Guidelines and Governance
Employee Education

Search Engine Marketing

Organic Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Multimedia Optimization

Content Development

Website Copywriting
Scripting and Storyboarding
Video Production & Editing
Video Post-Production
Illustration and Animation

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application Design
Mobile Development
Application Distribution