Yoko Co advances the web presence of organizations driven by a purpose beyond profit.

Our clients are heroic.

We aid them in their journey by helping leverage their web presence in a way that applies accountability to the process. This enables them to see the return on their investment and the full impact of our collaborative efforts. Check out our solutions section for a detailed list of our services.

One of our goals is to positively affect the lives of 100,000,000 people through our clients by the end of 2020. To date, we've positively affected over 36,121,254

of 100,000,000

Our selection criteria for new clients are often predicated on five heroic virtues:


Caring for other living things, both people and animals.


Providing people a chance to thrive in the world.


Saving the planet and promoting sustainable growth.


Advancing society through positive innovation.


Moving towards a healthy mind, body, and greater wellness.

We don't work with everyone.

The thing that makes the biggest difference in an industry like ours is the company we keep.

Organizations who have no designs on the virtues above are usually not a good fit for us (and us for them). We generate the strongest results in partnerships with organizations that share or aspire to share our values.

Not sure if your organization embodies one these virtues or how it could affect your web presence? Take our quiz.

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