Yoko Co (See-oh) is a tactical interactive agency with a lab mentality.

We partner with our clients to identify and solve problems. Problems like, “Our web presence doesn’t really reflect us,” and “Our competitors are far easier to find and interact with than we are.”

Sometimes, we’ll even identify opportunities in the market to partner with our clients and bring a new product, service or organization to fill that hole. How many other agencies do you know willing to put skin in the game alongside their clients?


A Few of the Problems We Frequently Solve

    • “We’re hard to find online, and have an uncoordinated web presence.”
    • “Our website doesn’t meet its objectives.”
    • “Our sites take a long time to deploy and aren’t easily updated once they are deployed.”
    • “Our web presence doesn’t accurately represent our organization.”
    • “We don’t have content that cuts through the clutter and grabs our audiences’ attention; we’re kind of lost in the crowd and shown-up by competitors.”
    • “Our web presence has fallen behind the times, and isn’t easily used across mobile devices.”
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