Get more out of your member directory.

We collaborated with our association clients to create the Association Member Directory Platform. It was designed to provide a modern, intuitive experience lightyears ahead of the alternatives.

  • Drive qualified leads for your members
  • Increase your organization's visibility
  • Direct integration with your AMS data
  • Proven member value with analytics and tracking
  • Engineered for your members' customers - not your legacy technology

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Features Your Members Care About


The Association Member Directory Platform provides a range of member and user-focused functionality, including:

  • SEO-friendly Directory
  • AMS Integration
  • Mobile-first design
  • Location Search
  • Easy Filtering
  • Member Profiles
  • Analytics and Tracking

Simple Integration with Your Existing AMS

The Association Member Directory is ready to plug in to a wide range of platforms.


Turn Your Directory Into a Moneymaker

Our Association Member Directory Platform converts an existing online member benefit into a powerful revenue generator, allowing you to offer a range of paid upgrades:

  • Premium listings
  • Enhanced bios
  • Search engine optimization
  • Badges and highlights
  • Lead capture forms
  • And much more

What Our Clients Say

"We'd used our AMS' built-in member directory for years and never thought anything was wrong. Now our directory itself ranks first for most of our desired search terms. And our members' profiles rank so well they're outperforming their local competitors in search.

The new directory also increased our website's traffic by over 25% and generated over 21,000 referrals in its first year!"


Michael Bower
Executive Director
EMDR International Association

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