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Email [email protected] and use the subject line "GSD" and share why you think you'd be a great fit for this position and the Yoko Co team.

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The title of Producer is a simple catch-all for a person who is all about that GSD life. On our team, you own the projects and make sure all the things happen to ensure a project’s success.

“What are the things?” you ask – very astute. Our engagements include website and app strategy, design, development, copy, and content production. All of that being aligned with a client who is aiming to help build a better world. (Learn more about our commitment to that here.)

In this position, you’ll work closely with clients and colleagues to ensure projects stay on the rails. You have the authority to ensure you have the best team assembled for each engagement, and that they all have the time, space, resources, tools, and technology to be successful in pursuit of the client’s objective and overall vision.

With great power comes great responsibility – you are ultimately responsible for each engagement’s success (or failure) to stay on budget, on time, and on spec.

To do this well it is vital that you understand the project life cycle, and are able to communicate effectively with strategists, designers, developers, copywriters, animators, editors, and other roles brought to bear on each engagement.

It’s also important you be comfortable leading a room and taking charge of situations to ensure things are handled in a way that is both efficient, and personable. We put a premium on our team’s experience and our client’s experience, and you’re a key part of both.

We’re not asking that you be a pro in all facets of this work, in fact, each field is far too deep to truly specialize in more than a couple. That said, you do need to have a high-level awareness of each and the ability to meet people where they are while knowing when you’re out of your depth. That’s why you have a team 🙂

Still game? Let’s talk.


  • Serve as the primary contact with clients consulting on end-to-end web design projects and ongoing retainers.
  • Ensure the overall success of the client’s web projects. Must be able to own the vision for a project and know what it takes to align deliverables with that vision.
  • Manage internal resources and deliverables in collaboration with agency departments.
  • Manage project timeline including timely delivery of the project and associated deliverables.
  • Plan project phases and client billing.
  • Manage administrative aspects of each client project from paperwork and invoicing to managing records in a CRM (Hubspot), PM platform (Asana), Wiki (Notion), etc.
  • Develop and grow ongoing relationships with clients, colleagues, and contractors with a focus on the human-to-human experience being a delightful one.


  • Minimum 3 years of continuous industry experience in web design (or comparable) project management, with proven experience in web project conception from inception to launch.
  • Proficiency in all MS Office/G Suite applications, basic HTML syntax, writing and editing, and general knowledge of business, marketing, and technology fields.
  • Proficiency with project management software and techniques. Understanding of key project management tenets including project charters and waterfall vs agile methodologies.
  • Familiarity with strategic consulting, development of Information Architectures and wireframes, and development of Functional Requirements for technical projects.
  • Familiarity managing CMS implementation projects and working knowledge of content management systems. Experience with WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS products is a plus.
  • This role is comparable to a project manager, you need to be able to manage complex web engagements with grace under pressure and occasionally cook up solutions on the fly.
  • Have a genuine interest in staying on top of industry trends and best practices and be “game” for taking on new challenges and learning new technologies.

Core Values

Full disclosure: This isn’t the place for everyone. You’ll have a lot of autonomy, but the expectations are high, the work is fast-paced, and the hats are many. We’re looking for people who take ownership, see the big picture, and are always thinking about how we can do even better the next time.

About Us

We’re a digital agency that works exclusively with clients who are trying to make the world a better place. Everyone here works remotely, and we have people located all around the globe. Fostering an incredible work culture is extremely important to us, and we’ve been named one of the best places to work by the Washington Business Journal.


In exchange for your skills, we’ll provide a flexible work schedule, medical benefits, great pay, participation in our annual shutdown (we close for about two weeks at the end of every year), and we take off most federal holidays, plus a bunch of other days, too. Most importantly, you’ll be immersed in work that makes a positive impact.

To apply, please email [email protected] Use the subject line “GSD”, make sure you include your resume, and tell us why you think you’d be a great fit for the position. Also, share something cool that you’ve learned recently. Weird trivia encouraged.

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