Case Study: Aerolab

Helping a legendary engineering firm write their next chapter.

The Heroic Quest

Founded in 1947, Aerolab is a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of custom wind tunnels for an international audience. Building on their history of innovation in engineering, they seek to progress through the development of new tools and products, which will facilitate the education of thousands in the field of aeronautical engineering.

The Metrics

Serving an international audience of government institutions, schools, colleges and universities, research facilities and commercial entities, Aerolab's clientele is diverse. To make the most of each website engagement, they don't just need to know how many visitors they're getting, but also where they're from, who they represent and what products or facilities interest them.

The Challenge

The prior owners had coasted on the reputation of the Aerolab name and were in danger of losing ground to competitors. When a new owner took over, he worked to overhaul the organization both inside and out, which included building a new website that could externally demonstrate the transformation that was taking place within the company.


The Services

We worked with Aerolab leadership to create a web presence which showcased their transformation, positioned them again as a leader, and facilitated international business development opportunities. We’re thrilled to help Aerolab manage their web presence and digital marketing as they continue to innovate and grow.

The Impact

The new site reflected Aerolab's transformation. They continue to rank among the top search terms for their services and products and receive a wealth of inbound traffic and inquiries. Through this platform, they're able to continue to spread their excitement about the aeronautic field to young students and experienced experts alike.



"Yoko Co is a great company made up of even better people. It was easy to work with them and they built a wonderful website that increased requests for our products. I would definitely recommend them!"

Hareen Aparakakankanange, CEO of Aerolab

Aerolab embodies the virtue of Opportunity.
Which virtue does your organization embody?