Case Study: vibeffect

An easy to manage site means more time spent saving students (and parents).

The Heroic Quest

vibeffect, pronounced “vibe effect” is a groundbreaking college decision framework for families.  It uses predictive analytics to help families find, through an unbiased, fact-based system the ideal college where their child will thrive.

The Metrics

vibeffect’s goal is to help students not just prepare to get into college, but to succeed in their education and thereby have a great start to their adult life.  Key metrics are the number of students, and families, they are able to help through the use of their tools and information.

The Challenge

The vibeffect team had a website that was difficult to update and edit.  It required coding knowledge, as well as some training on the specific idiosyncrasies of the site itself, in order to make the simplest of changes.  This lead to all of the website changes being handed off to the few people who knew how to make these updates.  It quickly became an overwhelming tasks which not only mean they were slow to get information to market, but they were also stuck making tedious changes to the website rather than the other work they had stockpiling behind them.  Furthermore, the website didn’t integrate well with the other platforms they used to power their business.


The Services

We were fortunate to help the vibeffect team rebuild their site in a way that made it easy for them to make updates to the website using visual tools like a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor.  We also provided processes and training to their team which enabled more team members to contribute to updating the site.  Additionally we were able to integrate the site with the various platforms vibeffect uses to power the business itself.  We continue to assist them in managing their and growing their web presence and ensuring it continues to deliver against their objectives.

The Impact

We were exhilarated to help this startup reach a point where they were able to transition from funding their company with invested capital to revenue through the partnerships they generated through their website and other online platforms.  This transition enables them to help thousands of students, with an eye towards assisting millions more.



"Yoko is knowledgeable, responsive, detail-oriented. They tracked each element while helping us with everything from strategy to design, analytics to integrations. Communication is excellent: we know where projects stand, and the team stays on top of any questions. Yoko is a proven, valued partner that’s always there for us!"

Sonia Park, Implementation Lead - vibeffect

vibeffect embodies the virtue of Opportunity.
Which virtue does your organization embody?