Understanding the Impact of the Web

Despite access to a plethora of tools and technology to measure the impact of your marketing, far too many people still don't understand with any level of certainty the impact their web presence plays in shaping their organization.

Rather than get overwhelmed by a myriad of marketing metrics, we aim to simplify the process and show our clients a simple, linear illustration of the way their web presence affects their organization. See how in the videos below.


With so much information available, it's easy to get analysis paralysis or focus on useless "vanity" metrics. We simplify things and focus on the metrics that matter.

Start at the Beginning

More people interact with your organization's website than anything else you do. We start by looking at the top level metrics including things like search rank, impressions across a number of media, engagement, and contacts. We simplify and condense the information provided in all the dashboards shown below.


Now We're Talking

Now that someone's contacted you, we can progress from speaking at them to speaking with them. This often includes manual and automated marketing including emails, workflows, calls, direct mail and a number of other touch points. Our full funnel report illustrates the efficacy of these efforts.

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Qualification & Fit

Once the timing is right, the sales team qualifies the opportunity and determines fit. The full funnel enables you to see, simply and succinctly, the correlation between your web presence and marketing actions and their effect on the sales process.


Impact Measured

Finally, you want to understand the impact your web, marketing, and sales efforts have on the organization, and subsequently the world. Herein we track the critical business metrics which enables us to then focus on those efforts than generated the clients, customers, patients, or members that are the best fit for you. We then model after those behaviors to find more of those who are the "best fit" for your organization.


Maximizing Impact

At Yoko Co we measure success by how many people we positively affect as we help our clients amplify their impact and build a better world. By practicing a simple, transparent, and accountable form of partnership with our clients we minimize marketing confusion and maximise impact.

Want market simplicity?

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