Hey there!

In case you’re like me and opened this tab from the email I sent with the intent of completing eventually, and now you’ve forgotten what it is… have no fear…

  • It’s me, Chris!
  • I’d like to hang out with you more, and feel like day to day busy-ness stops that from happening.
  • So let’s hang out, I’m thinking maybe lunch (or coffee, or whatever) in small groups of 6-8 every few months.

This isn’t anything formal, there’s no cost to sign up. Most of these things will likely just be dutch treat (i.e. pay for yourself) and we can catch up. If you’re down for trying this experiment out with me just select the stuff you’re interested in below and I’ll follow up soon!

*Larger events will be less often, and might be something like getting a group together for a massive happy hour, or renting out a movie theater, or a suite at a caps game – stuff like that.