Ray van Hilst & Chris Bonney

Yoko Co
1 hour
Web strategies that you should be implementing today. This is no time to maintain the status quo. Associations that have a vision for their website (and execute on it) will win the Internet in 2022. Chris Bonney and Ray van Hilst from Yoko Co in this webinar for associations.

More about Ray van Hilst & Chris Bonney

About Ray van Hilst

Ray is an inventive soul and his wit and charisma are present from the moment that you meet him. Ray seamlessly blends 20+ years of marketing experience with modern web principles to establish and advance the web presences of organizations that help build a better world. His diverse background includes working with a range of organizations from Fortune 500 brands, nonprofits, and associations. Some of his favorites include: Disney, The Home Depot, and the National Wildlife Federation.

About Chris Bonney

Chris Bonney has been developing winning web strategies for organizations for over 15 years. Chris strives to build strong client relationships that facilitate thoughtful insights and meaningful results. Chris’ experience ranges from associations to nonprofits to SaaS companies to Healthcare and more. He has worked as a project manager, strategist, account manager and now heads up business development at Yoko Co.

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