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2018 is here and well underway. With a new year, comes new trends. Chris Yoko strives to keep you ahead of this ever-changing world of marketing. And, he shares website trends we'll be seeing this year through a series of videos. Though some trends (like clothing) change pretty often, these trends are more "best practice" with new technology advancements. Adopting these trends early on will help you stay ahead of the curve and set you apart from others. Also, if you haven't set your website goals for the year yet, you can learn more about doing that here.

Trend: Augmented Reality

You've seen it in your favorite apps. We've all seen it in Pokemon Go and, of course, the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter game that's supposed to be coming out.

Trend: Video

One of the trends that has been continuing to evolve and catch on is video in websites. It will only continue to grow as 2018 continues. One of the biggest drivers of video content is that it's becoming easier and easier to create.

Trend: Voice Interaction

Another trend that's expected to continue to grow in 2018 is voice interaction with a website. We've already seen this begin in 2017 with the rise of Amazon's Alexa and Echo.  We're also seeing more of it with Google Assistant. Including, Siri, Cortana, and all of the other voice assistants that are continuing to play in.

Trend: Voice Pt. 2

How is voice going to interact with content? For those of you who have Amazon Alexa, or Cortana, Siri, etc., you've noticed it's not exactly natural. It's not like speaking to another person. You have to say very specific things in very specific ways to get anything close to the result that you want.

Trend: Responsive Design

One of the fundamental changes we've seen in the web over the last couple of years has been the rise of responsive design. Meaning, design that literally changes based on the size of the container of the device you're viewing the website on. 

Trend: Artificial Intelligence

It's very hyped up - everyone is talking about it everywhere - and it's definitely going to come to bear in websites. One of the frontrunners for artificial intelligence is, of course, chat. 

Trend: Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Let's look more at artificial intelligence. We previously talked about voice and chat, and now we're going to talk about the content itself. In terms of the web and the evolution of the web, it's become much more focused on you as an individual. 

Trend: Animation

Another trend that's going to continue to grow in 2018 as far as web design is concerned, is animation. The web has always been heralded as a form of interactive media, but for far too long that interaction has basically consisted of pointing and clicking.

Trend: Flat Design & Throwback Color Scheme 

Another trend - and this one's a bit of a gamble - but something we'll likely begin to see more of in 2018 is the combination of flat design remaining popular, but being tied to older, more throwback color schemes. We've already seen a couple players begin to make moves like this with the new and updated color palettes from Subway.

Trend: Paywalls

This trend is not necessarily a design trend, but more of a business response in the world of web. It's predicted that we're going to see more paywalls in 2018 than we ever have before. 

Trend: API (Application Programming Interface) Web Development

This is more of a web development trend, but we felt it was still important to touch on. This is something that used to stand more for software platforms.

Trend: User Shaming

User shaming started in 2016 and became very popular throughout 2017. If you're not familiar with the term, it's those pesky pop-ups that would say "download my ebook," and then the only option if you don't want to download it is to click something that...

Trend: Modal Windows

We've seen an increasing proliferation of modal windows across websites through the last couple of years, and especially whenever they serve as essentially the replacement for pop-ups - something you could do in-frame that was equally abrasive and annoying, but not as easy to block without outside pop-up blockers.

Have any questions or want to know how you can apply these trends to your own web presence?

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