Digital Marketing News #26 – Facebook Rooms, Google Blacklists Delicious, Office 365 & More

This week, we chat about Google blacklisting and, Facebook’s new (anonymous) Rooms app and Microsoft’s unlimited cloud storage for Office 365 users. Plus, app marketing costs, content planning…

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Digital Marketing News #25 – AWS Directory Service, HTML5 Hybrid Apps, Google Inbox & More

This week, we discuss Facebook’s #2 position as a source for political news, Amazon new AWS Directory Service, how HTML5 is rocking mobile app development and Google Inbox – a…

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What social media platforms should a real estate agent use?

When it comes to real estate, what social media platforms are most effective? Depending on how you’re using them and what sort of an audience you’re trying to reach, Facebook,…

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Employment and social media: Facebook

I’m pretty sure every single person I know is on Facebook. Until recently, the only person I knew who wasn’t on Facebook was my dad, but he finally caved a…

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Why you need to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon

It seems like there’s always a new social media site you need to be a part of. There was MySpace, but that’s gone by the wayside. Now everyone is on…

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