Julia Dominguez

And we are so excited!

Able to quickly diagnose and dismantle extraordinarily complicated issues, Julia is absolutely someone you want on your team. Of course, her even-keeled temperament pairs well with her unshakable tenacity, and combining these character traits enable her to persist in discovering and executing solutions where others would surrender.

Julia's unique profile is shaped by her seemingly disparate background. Serving in the US Army helped strengthen her resolve, allowing her to operate calmly and confidently in situations which would leave others frustrated or frazzled. Earning a Master's Degree in Social Psychology grants her a deep insight into how people cooperate and collaborate, enabling her to better serve both our team members and clients.

Outside of the "office" Julia enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, and embraces a slew of hobbies. Overall, these range from life's simple pleasures like reading or enjoying a fine glass of wine to more action packed endeavors like shooting sports.

Julia's Personal Best Day:

"I am very proud of earning my Master of Science in Social Psychology. I worked very hard to complete my degree and I can look back knowing that a dedicated effort and a plan will make a difference."

 3 Things Julia Recommends Right Now:

    • A glass of Josh Cabernet Sauvignon  and a good book, such as Nora Roberts Obsession
    • DarrenDaily, for a small dose of perspective and motivation every day (find DarrenHardy here)
    • ToDoist - to help keep track of the chaos in your life (todoist.com)

Learn more about Julia by visiting her LinkedIn page.

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