Case Study: Amazon Conservation Team

Survival of the Forest: Helping this Nonprofit Organization Preserve the Rainforest

The Heroic Quest

The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) mission is to protect and preserve tropical forests and sustain culture by working with indigenous and local communities. This 22-year-old organization has 78 partner communities and 1.9 million acres of indigenous reserve expansions and creation. 

The ACT works with community partners to determine specific needs to assure long-term health of the forests. They came to us seeking a media-focused, easy-to-navigate website that showcases places they work in and the people they work with. Their website is an important platform used to drive donations. The site speaks to two audiences: users who want to donate and users who want to learn more about the organization and potentially become donors.

The Metrics

This nonprofit organization is able to continue its extraordinary work based on money donations and key funders. They not only need to be able to monitor the number of website visitors - but also the number of visitors who are making donations, the dollar amount of those donations, and who the donations are coming from.

The Challenge

The ACT does work in a tremendous amount of locations. And over the course of more than two decades of dedication, they’ve collected a plethora of photographs and videos. The ACT’s former website was outdated and did not properly showcase these rare and special materials. In fact, a minimal amount of imagery was used, and where it was used, it appeared cluttered. Their website pages did not differentiate from one another, and there was little room for growth due to the outdated structure of the site. The staff also struggled with updating content. 

Essentially, the retro site was not properly conveying their message and was underselling the extraordinary work this organization continually does for the Amazon rainforest. 

The Services

Yoko Co combined forces with the ACT to create an exceptional display, using the ACTs unique photography, videos, and storytelling content. The new media-heavy website aims to make users feel part of the team, evoking an emotional attachment to this remarkable organization.

Switching the website over to WordPress allowed for adding in blog posts and embedding content, like the previously mentioned photographs and videos. The animated homepage is virtual-reality-esque, making the user feel immediately immersed by the Amazonian waters. The ACT’s accomplishments by numbers is also splashed on the homepage, showcasing the significant organizational achievements. A visual map found under the Where We Work tab informs users for the generous amount of places the Amazon Conservation Team has been invited to work in. 

This high-design website beautifully exhibits the materials provided directly from the team’s experiences. Within the first three seconds of visiting the website, users are pulled in for the journey, hugged with imagery of the charming locations and indigenous people. 

The site is also easy to navigate for both the user and the ACT staff. We delight in educating our clients with extensive training on website navigation. We go above and beyond to provide the knowledge needed to independently access and update content.

The Impact

We partnered with the Amazon Conservation Team to build a website that highlights the uniqueness of their work. We combated frustrations the ACT had with its former site by creating a user-friendly, modern site. The captivating images and video content are cinematically engaging to the eye, thus inviting users to instantly feel involved. We were able to take the substantial amount of visually-appealing content and make it appear graphically polished. We succeeded in highlighting ACT’s community involvement and telling their story through photos and storytelling maps.

Since the launch of the ACT’s brand new website, the amount of users has increased. We also discovered that the majority of users are finding the site via organic search. All of this works together to help the ACT simultaneously increase awareness of their organization and the amount of donations coming in to help them continue to do what they do. 

Praise from ACT

"From the very beginning Yoko blew our socks off. This was truly an out-of-the-ordinary experience in the best of ways. You are all building something more than websites. You are truly changing lives through your work. And you are proving that business can be done differently. You are extraordinary in the truest sense of the word."

Liliana Chacon-Menay, Head of Communications at ACT

ACT embodies the virtue of sustainability.
Which virtue does your organization embody?