There's more to having a website than to say 'I'm in business' or to use as a brochure.

It's the first impression someone will have with your organization and is the 'person' that more people will interact with than anything else. So, you want your website to DO something that has an impact on your business. The key first step is to determine what your website goals and objectives are that will lead it to accomplish what you need it to.

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Website Objectives

One of the first conversations we have with any client is what should the goals for the website be? When setting goals for a website, they can range pretty vastly. You may know you want to generate more sales or turn more leads into customers, but where does this process even begin? We recommend starting by breaking this down into two different goal types: Short-term objectives and long-term objectives.

Short-Term Objectives 

Short-term objectives are often qualifiable things:

  • The website needs to work on mobile
  • It should create a nice user experience
  • It needs to be consistent with the brand  

These are all things that are easy to check by gut feel.

Long-Term Objectives 

Next, we dive into the long-term objectives. These measure the tangible impact the website has on the business as a whole. These may be things like:

  • Generate 50 new leads
  • Support closing 10 new contracts
  • Attract or better engage with 50,000 members

These generally take more time to measure, and are extremely important when it comes to generating more revenue.

In Conclusion

You always want to make sure that you're having the goals set to accomplish your short-term objectives, of course, also keeping in mind that the website is supposed to be supporting the organization itself. And, if you don't have long term quantifiable goals that correlate with the organization's primary goals, you're not going to get what you want out of the site.

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