Analytics Tracking Implementation: ASCB Case Study

The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the fundamental unit of life, the cell. 

Engagement Type

Ongoing Analytics Initiatives




American Society for Cell Biology is the authority in cell biology and provides their site users an international forum for discussion, networking, and information gathering.

As with many associations, their decisions are only as powerful as the data they base it off. ASCB has substantial traffic and is an enormous source of information for many people within the cell biology field. In order to maintain that subject authority, ASCB needs accurate metrics on what campaigns, pages, or CTAs are engaging and converting the audience.  

With that, we created a robust system for better conversion tracking, UTM tracking, and third party implementation, and even cross-domain tracking on third party sites, so that ASCB could collect accurate, representative data from one single source, making reporting simple, convenient, and accurate.  

Highlights and Impact

Before our engagement, ASCB had to pull from multiple analytics sources, making reporting time-consuming and tedious.

The new analytics implementation has allowed for actionable decisions and real results, and there has been a 37% increase in users and a 27% increase in new users, along with an improved key conversion metrics by 13% and 32%.

Additionally, Yoko Co. created multiple views, including a robust filtered view that included organic search sources that aren’t included in Google’s default set, filtering out of bots and potential referral spam, and content grouping that established a better channel setup by separating branded and non-branded paid search, paid and non-paid social, and other channels that needed to be differentiated for nuanced reporting.


Together, Yoko Co and ASCB—

  • Established meaningful website Events and Goals based on the entire marketing team’s internal KPIs
  • Cleaned up the conversion funnel to allow for actionable decisions including tracking event registrations and other essential leads
  • Implemented cross-domain tracking to analyze user journey across a large ecosystem of subdomains
  • Created and implemented a concise UTM rubric for campaign tracking

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