Why you need to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon

It seems like there’s always a new social media site you need to be a part of. There was MySpace, but that’s gone by the wayside. Now everyone is on…

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What is mobility?

Last week I attended the BisNow Future of Mobile panel discussion.  While most of the conversation talked about mobile apps and cell phones and tablets, one of panel members, Gwynne…

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The Future of the Web (Or how I was wrong)

In early 2010, Steve Jobs unofficially stepped up as the leader in the movement against Adobe’s Flash Player.  He said that Apple had no plans to support Flash on their…

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The Importance of Online Relationships

Most websites offer some sort of online relationships with each of their clients these days. Whether I’m shopping or looking for an apartment or just trying to order a pizza…

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What's the biggest difference between your waiter and your doctor?

While there are several answers to that question, the most important difference is this: one is an order taker and the other is a problem solver. The distinction between these…

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The NEW Us – yokoco.com

Yoko Co – yokoco.com Well… it’s about damn time. The excuse about the cobbler’s children was getting pretty old. We’re very excited to share our new name and website with…

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website redesign

How Often Should You Redesign Your Association Website?

How Often Should You Redesign Your Association Website? We all know that the internet…

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Website RFP Writing

How to Write a Website RFP – What You Need to Know for 2022 and beyond

How to write a website RFP – What we’ve learned over the years If…

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