How to Never Lose A Customer Again

Congratulations! You've won a trip to Paris!

Okay, so not really (sorry), but let's pretend that you have! (Cue the daydream...)

Just the thought of cobblestone streets and the glimmering Eiffel Tower puts a smile on your face. You get to the airport and - surprise! You get TSA pre-check. In the gate, an agent pages you and - surprise! A free upgrade. Upon boarding, you discover your seat extends into a cozy, comfortable bed - and your own personal TV is loaded with in-flight movies. The flight attendant greets you with champagne before the plane even begins taxiing to the runway. When the plane is gliding above the clouds, you’re served a five-course meal, ending in an ice cream sundae buffet.

Upon landing at your final destination (earlier than expected), you already feel pampered. You’re definitely going to brag about this airline to all of your friends.

We know what you're thinking - how on earth does all of this talk of traveling to Paris have anything to do with designing websites?

Just like customers have a choice in the airline they fly with, they also have a choice in which marketing firm they hire to design their website. At Yoko Co, we act a little differently - and we were featured in a book because of them.

The book, Never Lose A Customer Again written by Joey Coleman, not only highlights what we do - but how we do it.

The In-Flight Experience: Developing Your Website

At Yoko Co, we aim to give you a great end product, but we also delight in upgrading your in-flight experience, which in our terms is the process of working together in building your dream website.

If every project is a new flight, every website launch is a new destination. Remember Paris? We don’t want you to just love the Louvre - we want you to love and enjoy every minute in the air that it takes to get there.

The getting-there strategies look like this:

  • On-boarding survey - Once we officially embark upon this adventure together, we delight in getting to know you on a deeper level - after all, we want to know you as a person and partner.
  • Kickoff meeting - We sit down with you and define goals in your terms. We learn what success looks like for you. We identify short-term and long-term metrics, so we know exactly what to aim for as we create your site.
  • Consistent and clear communication - We talk through everything with you along the way, and we stay in budget and on time.
  • Surprises (fun ones!) - Because you mean so much to us, we take great joy in gifting. To preserve the element of surprise, we won’t go too far into detail. But let's just say, we aim for that ice-cream-sundae-buffet-on-a-plane type of joy throughout the process of working with you.

Like you, we work to make an impact on the world. Our team approaches every project as an opportunity to do meaningful work. We work hard to earn our client's trust, and we want you to consider us your loyal partner in web development throughout the entire project.

It’s an honorable and exciting experience for the Yoko team to be in the clouds with you en route to launching your brand new website.

The Landing: Website Completion

You’ve arrived! Your website is launched and live. This is where we thank you for flying with us - and is also the voila moment of magical satisfaction in knowing that your digital marketing company hit the landing perfectly.

One of our clients got so excited about a design presentation, they started dancing in the chair (seriously). Moments like that are why we do what we do.

Upon "landing," we conduct two surveys. (I know what you're thinking, "Surveys? Really?" But again, we're a little different. Our surveys aren't your average surveys - they're short and fun to complete!)

  • Internal surveys - These surveys ask all members of our team to evaluate our own performance, the performance of our peers, and the performance of the client. This helps us to become a stronger team so we can continue to do our best work for our clients.
  • External surveys - These surveys ask everyone on your team to provide feedback about your experience working with us. This helps us make sure everything went as smooth as a TSA pre-check, and that you got the remarkable experience we strive for.

Why do we do these surveys?

They help us understand how our clients feel throughout the process of working with us. We become better at what we do - which results in more quality websites, happy clients, and a greater ability to make an impact on the world.

Finally, we have a conclusion meeting, mirroring the kickoff meeting. We come full circle, discussing how the initial goals and success metrics were met during the process of building your website. We then draw up a plan, outlining the next three months of site monitoring. We do this to verify that everything is operating efficiently.

But This Isn't Goodbye: Just Because You've Landed Doesn't Mean Our Journey is Over

Not only do we want to get you to where you're going - we want to travel Paris with you! So basically we are your pilot and your destination tour guide. We do this to make sure you experience everything there is to offer.

In website terms, we are (and will always be) the primary resource you can rely on to meet your needs after the launch. This might be via hosting, maintenance, SEO - whatever avenue you seek to explore.

We only work with clients whose work we believe in. We set you up with success to do your great work. And we make sure that you are taken care of along every mile we travel together!

Working with us is like a turbulence-free flight over the Atlantic.

Contact us if you want your website development process to be first class. 

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