Is Your Website Ready for the New iPads Retina Display?

So it’s official: Apple’s new iPad will have a “retina” display, doubling the device’s resolution.  This implies that everything will look twice as sharp. But will it? Warning:  We’re about…

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The Importance of Online Relationships

Most websites offer some sort of online relationships with each of their clients these days. Whether I’m shopping or looking for an apartment or just trying to order a pizza…

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What's the biggest difference between your waiter and your doctor?

While there are several answers to that question, the most important difference is this: one is an order taker and the other is a problem solver. The distinction between these…

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The Dark Truth About Partner Programs

When researching software solutions for your organization, you may have come across various Partner…

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Website Spring Cleaning: The GA4 Migration Edition

Spring is finally here, and the change of season presents a perfect opportunity to…

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macbook pro, notepad, and smartphone google analytics 4 workspace

Google Analytics 4: What it Means for Your Website

If you’ve read any marketing newsletter in the past few months, you’ve seen the…

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